Dealing with the codes in Internet.

Code snippets, libraries… You could find everything ! But where could you find insteresting contents ? Thus, I ma de a non-exhaustive list of resources you could you use and re-use and re-re-use ! 🙂

According to some webdeveloppers the hi-tech in webdev is :


– jQuery



Introduce the HTML5

What ?? You dunno what is HTML5 ?? Unacceptable ! 😦

HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML (Wouhou ! That wasn’t obvious you know ! :mrgreen: ) and its purpose is to ally HTML4 and XHTML (according to W3C). Besides, it, by comparaison to HTML4, offers new balises as <canvas></canvas>

If YOU want to be more informed have a glance at my older articles about HTML5 (An introduction to begin : this French article easily translatable 😉 ) And you can read this website. 🙂

The big problem : COM-PA-TI-BILITY.

Actually, the big problem nowadays is compatibility of the browsers within a margin of risk to fail of displaying the page bigger than you thought ! Some of you could remark the problem when you decided to work this (WebGL example) with Firefox. I will talk about Internet Explorer because… Although I never use IE, a lot of people do this and… a lot of developers hate IE 6 (because this is not the same syntax in HTML, JS and CSS…).

Regarding IE, the new version (ie Internet Explorer 9) is better suited for HTML 5 standards. I want as a proof this game quite well known, originally for iPhone and Android phones, which was recently adapted into HTML5 (somewhere for the promotion of IE9 obviously) CUT THE ROPE available here : http://

(Note the domain name : . ie 😉 )

This is not the only one to offer a game in HTML5 . Mozilla has its own: BrowserQuest, and Chrome offers « tests » made with WebGL …

All that to say that should not be too worry about compatibility. HTML5 is a prominent technology and powerful, then each browsers tend to adapt and promote HTML5. So it is obvious that browsers are / will be more or less compatible. 😉


jQuery and the others

Before continuing, I shall say you that jQuery is not the only library you can use… There are so many others libraries ! And…Finally… It is only javascript ! And then you may wonder : « So why have I to choose jQuery ? Why is it SO popular ? » In fact, the library(ies) you will use depends of  what you want to do. e.g : Jules wanna make a slide like (in the main page) because it very tendancy. He will use jQuery. On the contrary, Maurice would make only OOP (Object-oriented programming) for his game. 🙂 He should use Mootools…

Hum, don’t care about this, it is more important to know where to find the libraires and what kind of actions its allow you to do !



JSTweener is a library of transition management.





SoundManager 2 makes it easier to play audio using JavaScript.(it explain in the website 😛 )



Useful script for shortcuts with keyboard.

Cookies (miam :mrgreen: )


Script for the cookies use.

I won’t continue there are a lot, I propose the most interessant. Afterwards, you could search on Google. 😉

To conclude, you should be more informed about jQuery, prototype.js and Mootools. 😀


The CSS3 completes the perfect webdesigner’s toolbox. I suppose you already know (when you type on Google Free CSS, this is the first result :mrgreen: ).

Otherwise, come here.

What about learning ?

You could learn with these three good website (I found them great !) :



(fr) > But any importance what we want is resources 😉

Auteur : nerdyprog

If I made some mistakes, point out these !   😉

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