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JavaScript: Passing by Value or by Reference… (en)


What I try to do :

In JavaScript, we have functions and we have arguments that we pass into those functions.Here, we try to make what we call passing by reference.
This means that any changes to that variable while in the function are completely separate from anything that happens outside the function.When we’ll use, later, in the script some values, they aren’t dependent to the name of the value.

The javascript code :

	//Main function
	function myFunction(a,b,c,z,xpos) 
		//this refers to myFunction
		 this.a = a;
	//We instantiate
	var test= new myFunction ('test');
	var number= new myFunction (2);
        //Displays Contenu de la variable 'test' : test
	alert("Contenu de la variable 'test' : "+test.a);
        //Displays Contenu de la variable 'number' : 2
	alert("Contenu de la variable 'number' : "+number.a);

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